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"I love this store and will be back on a regular basis. They have so many awesome products and they're lots cheaper than a grocery store. They make their kim-chi in house. The woman who runs the store is super helpful and will always help you find anything you need. Favorites so far: frozen dumplings, ginger cookies, and all the spices. They also have every kind of noodle you can think of."

- Abigail Jarvis


"I recently did a survey of all of the Asian groceries in Lakeland after a disappointing experience with instant miso soup packets at Publix. After going to all three Lakeland has to offer (Asian Food Mart, SV Oriental Market, and Gigi's Oriental Market), Gigi's is my pick for best in Lakeland. It's pretty small, but Lakeland is a city with a next to nothing Asian population so it's to be expected. Gigi's is the cleanest and doesn't look nearly as sketchy as SV Oriental Market and Asian Food Mart. Gigi's also has the best variety vegetables and meats/frozen food. You can also buy multiple varieties of home made kimchi (I saw napa cabbage, cucumber, and radish) and even some Korean ice cream. Selection of canned/dried food and sauces is better at SV Oriental Market, but I didn't examine the quality too closely, so if you're wary of Chinese stuff, that bit of information may not be all that useful. Labeling on the shelves of what items are what is pretty good, so don't let packaging deter you if you only speak English. Biggest point to Gigi's comes in customer service. Out of all three, Gigi's was the only place I was truly treated like a customer and like it was okay for me to shop in the store. The service at the other two weren't bad, per se. They weren't rude to me or anything like that, but as a non-asian person, I was not comfortable being in the other stores and my existence was mostly ignored. Gigi greeted me right upon entering and it genuinely seemed like she wanted to help me with things or answer questions if I had any. I was mostly there to browse and didn't ask for assistance, but I would have felt comfortable asking if I needed to. Bottom line: not as good as the bigger groceries in Tampa or Orlando, but definitely acceptable if you don't want/can't drive out to a bigger city. At the very least, I'll be out there whenever I need my miso soup fix." - Diana Kempter


"We wanted to make sushi at home. Did a Google search for Oriental Markets in the area. We choose Gigi's based on the positive reviews previously posted. Immediately after we walked in the door we were greeted by the owner herself - Gigi. We told her we wanted to make homemade sushi rolls for the first time. She helped us gather all the tools and ingredients. She educated us in great detail on how to make the rice - which is very important. The store is very clean, organized, well priced, and it smells wonderful. Gigi was helpful and easy to talk to. This is the place to go for truly authentic Oriental ingredients." - Rhonda Hannah


"I love this place ,I’ll be back soon for more mushrooms to make tea from." - Dallas Summers


"I have had a Korean stepmom in my life who made homemade Kimchi and even though she taught me how to make it really I don't have time. I found Gigi's Market about a year ago and she makes wonderful homemade fresh Kimchi as well as Cucumber Kimchi which is my favorite and a bonus this time she had Nishiki Rice! (Now if I could just talk her into making black eggs...) The last time I went in she walked me through the store, she introduced me to her Bulgogi sauce ...which I purchased and enjoyed last night....I hope she is extremely successful. It is so hard to find authentic Korean food in this part of the country!" - A Google User


"Gigi was very helpful and kind. Threw in a free avocado for us when we were buying supplies to make sushi rolls! She didn't go to the highest priced items either, she was very genuine about advising the products she herself uses." - A Google User


Over the years we've been proud to be a part of our Lakeland community. Many of our customers having been coming to us for years. Here's what they have to say:



"Gigi is patient, enthusiastic and willing to share / teach Korean cooking. . . I was daring yesterday and bought Korean miso paste. Apparently the difference between Japanese miso and Korean is Korean is fermented. I buy bean threads from her regularly. She had beautiful lemon grass and purple eggplant too. And she is in Lakeland!" - Lillian Blessing


"This is a great place if you are into Asian foods. The prices are very reasonable and the lady that works there is very nice and informative!" - Kimberly Grell


"Lakeland is known for its lakes...uh huh....its fast food chains, high school football, myriad of churches, and closed businesses after 8 PM. But I bet you didn't know that there is an Asian / Korean market here. Yes, there is. The owner, Gigi, is the sweetest lady. She always answers questions about Asian cuisine. Even if you're not Asian, but you have an adventurous palate and would like to try something different to cook at home. I suggest you go here. Fresh ingredients, true to that flavorful Asian flair. I made the best Kim Chi Jigae (stew) hands down and I didn't have to drive to Tampa or Orlando to get the ingredients." - Aileen S

Whether you're cooking your grandmother's jigae or trying Asian recipes for the first time, you'll find everything you need right here.

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1751 E Edgewood Drive

Lakeland, FL 33803-3411

Gigi is great. She will explain the different types of food you. Very nice small shop. - Ethans Mom